Double Arrow Equine Sports Therapy

is my number one choice when it comes to making sure my horses feel 100%! You will notice a huge difference in your horse before and after the session!  


With all that I do on my horses, they go through a lot of stress. Since I started doing the deep tissue massage I have noticed a huge difference in each one of my horses. Doing the massages instead of straight chiropractic allows the muscles to fully release so you will see LONGER LASTING results. This is a way SAFER and HEALTHIER way to keep your horse feeling their aboslute best!


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Espana Silk All Natural Grooming Products


Do you want your horses to look shiny and healthy 24/7? Do you want to have those long beautiful manes and tails?


This is the product that you NEED! There are no harsh chemicals so it does not strip your horses hair of its natural oils. There is a different product to meet each and every one of your horses needs! 


This is my number one choice when it comes to a grooming product! I have noticed such a difference in how each and every one of my horses look since I switched over to Espana. My favorite thing about this product is that it doesn't affect my ability to Trick Ride after using it. Most products make my hands and equipment very slippery but not Espana! Trust me you will not be disappointed if you switch to this product today!


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Atascosa Dodge

Thank you so much for setting me up with a brand new 2016 Ram Truck! This dealership has such an amazing atmosphere! Every person is beyond polite, nice and there to make sure you are completely taken care of! I will never go any where else again! These people are an amazing family and I promise you that you won't be disappointed!


ALWAYS Atascosa! 


If you are in need of a new vechicle make sure to call: 

ROB SMETS- 325-370-8020


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